10 Years Comparison of Common SG Investment Choices

“History does not predict the future. However, to ignore history is to ignore the lessons and experiences that come with them and so often foretells much of what is to come.”

I preface this sharing with the quote above as recently i did a study on what the returns are for common investments and savings choices of Singaporeans over the last ten years.

The reason being, as a realtor, business owner, a property investor and a soon to be dad, i knew my time was getting more precious and scarce and i wanted to know how to make my money work the hardest for me so that i can put more eggs in THAT basket and step out of guesstimates, predictions, industry hype etc. After all, forecasts from economists and so-called experts are wrong most times (My own included).


5 Habits of Consistent Top Producing Real Estate Agents

Over the past 10 years training and leading real estate agents, a few commonalities surface among the top consistent agents which are valuable lessons we can all apply to our own lives.